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How to Remove Word Password

Pwdspy Word Password Remover is the best Word Password Remover software that can remove lost or forgotten ms word password within a few seconds. With this word password remover, you can access the contents of your Word files again.

Now please download the professional tool below:

Step-by-Step guide to remove Word password

Step1: Add the locked word file

Click on the "Open" icon to add the locked Word file to the program.

remove word password

Step2: Remove Word Password

Click "Remove" button to start remove word password, then the program decrypts the given document using Online document decryption service.

how to remove word password

When you successfully remove Word password, the dialog box is displayed. And then you can click "Open" button to open your Word file.

remove ms word password


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  • I have lost my word password, and your product is really doing excellent job and remove word password. Now I have full access on my word file. Thank you!
    - Julian (United States)

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