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How to Set Award BIOS Boot from CD/DVD-ROM

This article will tell you how to set Award BIOS boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

Step 1: Insert Windows password recovery disk to your locked computer and set the locked computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

Step 2: Press DELETE(BIOS Entry KEY) immediately and repeatedly after powering on, until BIOS screen pops up.

Boot from cd/dvd award entry key

Step 2: Award BIOS setup screen appears. You can use ↑/↓key to select Advanced Bios Features item and press Enter.

Set award bios Boot from cd/dvd

Step 3: Use down key to select First Boot Drive item, hit Enter and press down key to choose CDROM option for the First Boot Device item.

Set award bios Boot from cd

Step 4: Press "F10" to save your setting and exit. Select "YES" and hit Enter when a massage pops up, then the computer will boot from CD-DVD-ROM.


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