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How to Set Dell BIOS Boot from CD/DVD-ROM

This article will tell you how to set Dell BIOS boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

Step 1: Insert Windows password recovery disk to your locked computer and set the locked computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

Step 2: Press "F2 or DELETE"(BIOS Entry KEY) as soon as you reboot your DELL pc/laptop until BIOS SETUP screen appears.

set dell Boot from cd/dvd

Step 3: BIOS setup screen appears, screenshot shown as below. Select "Boot Sequence..." option, Use ↑/↓key to select "CD-ROM Device" and press "Space" key to enable it. Press +/- key to move it to the 1 st boot order. Hit "ESC" to exit. After rebooting your computer, it will boot from CD/DVD-ROM and Windows Password Recovery Software will start automatically.

set dell Boot from cd/dvd


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