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How to Unlock PowerPoint Password

Lost ms powerpoint password? Now you need to unlock powerpoint password with the professional powerpoint password recovery software. Pwdspy PowerPoint Password Unlocker is a successful powerpoint password unlocker that can unlock lost ms powerpoint password within a few sencond.

Pwdspy PowerPoint Password Recovery is a friendly program, clear to install and easy to use. Feel free to have an evaluation.

Step-by-Step guide to unlock PowerPoint password

Step1: Open PowerPoint file

You can simply click "Open" button to open the PowerPoint file in the program.

unlock powerpoint password

Step2: Choose an attack type

Pwdspy PowerPoint Password Unlocker Offer 4 efficient password attack types: Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. Select an attack type to unlock your powerpoint password.

how to unlock powerpoint password

Step3: Unlock PowerPoint Password

Finally, click "Start" button and let the recovery begins smoothly, then you will get back your powerpoint password. Also, Pwdspy PowerPoint Password Unlocker can automatically save and resume the process when you run the program next time.

powerpoint password unlocker


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  • I can't open the locked ppt file. PowerPoint Password Recovery recovered the password for me and now I successfully gain access to the password-protected file. Thanks a lot!.
    - Joshua (United States)

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