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About Office Password Remover Decryption Credits

The decryption credits required for the full (Word or Excel) document decryption when it is protected with "open" password.

After each document decryption your credits will be decreased by one.

Decryption credits price list for

Office Password Remover:


Expiration date

Price for one credit


1 Decryption credit


$9.95 USD

2 - 5 Decryption credits


$8.95 USD

6 - 9 Decryption credits


$7.95 USD

10 - 19 Decryption credits


$6.95 USD

20 - 49 Decryption credits


$5.95 USD

50+ Decryption credits


$4.95 USD


What is expiration date?

The expiration date is a time period during which the decryption credits you purchased are valid. When this period expire your credits will be nullified.

How can I purchase decryption credits?

You can purchase decryption credits only after purchasing license of this office password remover program. After you register the program using your registration information, you can purchase additional credits by selecting "Credits" button or "Help | Add decryption credits" menu item.

If you want to purchase many credits, please contact us.

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  • I have very important file of ms excel and i forget password. I use your Office Password Remover to remove it and it really helped me out, thanks you very much.
    - David (United States)

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