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3 Efficient and Reliable Ways for Windows Vista Password Recovery

Forgot Windows Vista Password? How to Recover Vista Password? Don’t panics, here will show you 3 efficient and reliable ways for Windows Vista password recovery.

Method 1: Recover Windows Vista Password With Powerful Windows Password Recovery Tool

Pwdspy Windows Password Recovery, powerful windows password recovery software, can easily help you recover windows vista password with bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. You can fast master the Windows Password Recovery by the help of the belowed tips.

Just follow 4 steps, you can use this Windows Vista Password Recovery with ease.

Step 1: Free download and install the powerful and simple-to-use Windows Password Recovery software

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB

1. Insert in a blank CD/DVD or USB, and then Select your target devices from the Combo box.
2. Click "Burn" button to start burn a bootable disk.
3. After burning completed, take out your CD/DVD or USB.

windows vista password recovery

Step 2: Set your target computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB

If you create a CD/DVD disk, please refer to How to set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

If you create a USB disk, please refer to How to set computer to boot from USB Flash Drive.

Step 3: Recover the forgotten Windows Vista Password

Insert the burned CD/DVD-ROM or USB flash drive into the locked computer. After booting from CD/DVD or USB, Windows Password Recovery software will start automatically and display a friendly interface.

recover windows vista password

1. Select a Windows Vista system and the target account from the list box, then Click "Reset Password" button to reset the lost windows Vista password.

Note: Our software will reset the Windows Vista password as blank.(You can login your windows vista without any password)

2. Click "Reboot" button to restart your computer. When following dialog pop up, eject CD/DVD or USB disk, and then click "Yes" to restart.

how to recover windows vista password

Method 2: Recover Windows Vista Password by Other Administrator account

If you had created other Administrator account(Administrator Privileges), you can use this administrator account to recover vista password. But if not, you also use Pwdspy Windows Password Recovery to create a new administrator account. This is the easy-to-use method to recover the forgotten windows vista password.

Here are the steps to create a new account.

Step 1. Download Pwdspy Windows Password Recovery Advanced, install it and start it.

Step 2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB.

Insert blank CD/DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive and click "Burn" button to burn a bootable disk.

Step 3. set the computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB drive.

If you have burned a bootable password recovery disk with CD-DVD-ROM, please follow these detailed steps to set BIOS to boot from CD-DVD-ROM.

If you have burned a bootable password recovery disk with USB Flash Drive, please follow these detailed steps to set BIOS to boot from USB flash drive.

Step 4. After BIOS settings, the interface of Windows Password Recovery Advanced comes up. Select the Windows Vista system and click the "Add User" button to add a new administrator account.

windows vista password recovery tool

Step 5. Click "Reboot" button to reboot your computer. Now you can login the new created account to recover windows vista administrator password.

Method 3: Recover Windows Vista Password by CMD

Here we try to log on using another administrative account, then you can recover the lost windows vista password from the CMD.

Recover Windows XP Password by CMD Just 3 Steps:

Step 1: Click on Start, type cmd in the Search box, press "Enter" open command prompt.

Step 2: Type net user in the command prompt and press "Enter". The command prompt windows will show you all user accounts on your computer.

Step 3: Type net user username newpassword and press "Enter"(username is the lost password account’s name and newpassword is the new password). Now you can login your lost windows vista password account with this new password.


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